Useability Test


My first glance was the design; The color of the blue, white and greys together kind of reminded me of a baby’s nursery room. After pressing play, I saw was a new born getting its first bath. I chuckled at the next scene of the girl getting a bath and screaming “I’m done” because I used to hate baths and showers due to water or soap getting in my eyes. The people in the aquarium, kids playing Hockey, someone working out hard, a hospital IV, a rain storm and an elder man short of breath, were the moments I remember because they were moments I could relate too.

Navigating through this website/film was very simple with the controls being in logical places on the bottom of the page, which also had are four tabs to choose from. They look more like sponsors of the film. At the very top is says “Powering a Nation Presents” which makes me believe that is the group responsible for the putting together the film but still an assumption. When you clicked on them, it took you to their own website and was very easy to back track. The issue I had was trying to click on the “About” and “Why 100 Gallons?” tab, as it wouldn’t let me click on it, so that makes me feel like a usability test was not conducted. I tried to look who the creators, writers and authors were, but couldn’t find anything.

I had a co-worker of mine watch this film but he did it in a completely different way. He put in the headphones, closed his eyes, and listened to the music. He said it was very soft and slow at first but started to speed up in the middle. For about one – two seconds it goes silent and has sort of a sad sounding towards the very end. He mentioned how he heard about bunch of splashing and the sound of the ocean a couple of times. When he watched it, he noticed every story involved water and how perfect the music connected the film. We both had the same issue trying to click on the tabs and not working. He tried to find the people/companies responsible for this film but had difficulties as well. Something that I didn’t catch that he brought to my attention was the size of the links needing to be bigger according to the navigation tips.

Three things the film should keep would be the design, music and the film itself because I everything about them were perfect. It is a very touching film that everyone can relate to in some way. The three things I would change about would be to increase the size of the font, conduct a usability test and every link to work as they should. I feel if they worked, I would be able to read the story behind this film, because I bet it’s a beautiful one…

Til next time…

– K

My Not-so News Diet

family guy news

I am going to be completely honest here…I rarely, rarely go out of my way to get the news. My daily routine consists of checking my email and when I hit “logout” is goes directly to the MSN home page , which has the news feed. That is as far as I will go to look up the news. The only news source I actually look up and have an app on my phone is ESPN. I love sports and everything about them and could research about the topics all day long but for some reason, that’s not the case for world news.

If I know what is going on in the world, its because I hear about it through Facebook or Instagram. I have yet to cross into the Twitter world, but I have a feeling that will end sooner than I hope. If something on Facebook or Instagram intrigues me, I will either read the link that the person put up or just go to Google and look it up. It’s not so much that I look up the news and then question if all the information is true or not. I feel that if its every where on social media and news outlets like or, the most basic facts I personally would like to know are in those articles.

Do I consider entertainment sources to be informative? Ehhhhh. Not necessarily as a news source, but I love them. US Weekly, OK! Magazine or even T.V shows like Tosh.0 are media outlets I love to look into. I think its mainly because I love comedy. I love to laugh and smile and the real world news is sad and despressing. Might be a reason why I dont look into it but its the truth.

Daniel Tosh - logo

Entertainment news is informative but that’s all I considered entertainment news to be is gossip and drama. However, this type of news is what I talk about mist with my friends; Who is dating who? Their fad diets, the scandles…oh the scandles! I swear my best friend is a celebrity gossip queen. She doesn’t know much about the world news (nor do I) but everything and anything about entertainment she will know.

This confession is embarressing and I wouldn’t even consider myself to have a news diet. I know I need to be more knowledgeable abouts what going on in the real world and the issues our country are facing, not only for my own benefit but if I ever want to purse a journalism career, my news outlets need to change. By taking this class, I hope to get a rountine down to want to look up the news. The entertainment news is all fun and games but its not real news. Hopefully someday sooner than later, newspaper and news outlet apps on my phone will replace the entertainment ones.

Til next time..

– K